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Coldplay: New Album, New Tour?

Update 12/26/2014 The "Ghost Stories" album was released & other than a few random concerts a tour was never announced. The album did well on music charts across the world & reached #1 on multiple; including the U.S. Billboard Top Rock Albums & the Billboard Canadian Albums as well as the U.S. Billboard 200. Coldplay will be releasing their next album "A Head Full of Dreams" some time in 2015.

Coldplay has began to release their 6th studio album "Ghost Stories". The album was released in some countries on May 16. However, the U.K. & North American release date is set for May 19th. Three tracks from the album ("Magic", "Midnight" & "A Sky Full Of Stars") were released as singles & did well on music charts world-wide.


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Coldplay released their debut studio album "Parachutes" in 2000. Since that time Coldplay has received many awards world-wide from organizations such as MTV, Brit, Billboard & Echo (including 7 Grammy Awards).

Tracklist for the "Ghost Stories" album is as follows:

11. "Always in My Head"
2. "Magic"
3. "Ink"
4. "True Love"
5. "Midnight"
6. "Another's Arms"
7. "Oceans"
8. "A Sky Full of Stars"
9. "O"